About Us

West Row Cafe & Bar achieves that delicate balance between atmosphere and attitude - a neighborhood bistro for casual fine dining, whether you’re treating your family to dinner or trying to impress a first date.


Who We Are

Owner Dave Pierre and Executive Chef Nick Peters Bond have combined their visions to bring customers a warm and welcoming neighborhood bistro that begins withthe soft blue-gray walls reminiscent of a day at the ocean. The restaurant invokes pride of place, from the theme of the artwork to the seasonally focused menu which highlights the best of what coastal New England has to offer.

Our carefully crafted bar menu offers a diverse wine list, innovative cocktails and specialty dessert drinks too delicious to be missed.


Dave Pierre Owner

Dave Pierre was born and raised in Durban, South Africa and entered the world of hospitality at a very early age.

Owner Dave Pierre has always found himself drawn to the hospitality business. Born in South Africa, his relationship with restaurants began at the age of 19, when he began running a friend’s restaurant in Durban, his hometown. At 23 years old, he left home to travel the world in search of a new place to make a life for himself. During this time he spent two years living in London & travelling Europe. Still in search of a permanent place to settle, he set his sights on America. Upon arrival, Dave began working at a friend’s restaurant in San Diego before making his way up to Park City, Utah where he eventually opened his first restaurant, Legends Cafe. After three years, he was ready for his next adventure and sold Legends Cafe, which was when he met his wife Nancy, a Massachusetts resident. It wasn't long before Dave found himself in New England and, after working as a General Manager for a Cambridge restaurant for two years, he decided he was ready to leave hospitality and pursue a career in broadcast journalism.

After completing his degree and hosting a TV show called Careers in New England for two seasons, Dave founded and ran his own production company for 10 years. Still, the lure of the hospitality industry continued to intrigue him and he decided to open New England’s first Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt store right in Newburyport’s Market Square. After helping to open 24 additional storefronts throughout MA, the business’ wave of success ran its course and, Dave decided he was ready to move on from Orange Leaf, leaving him with the space at 35 Market Square. After careful consideration, he decided the best fit for such a premier site would be a neighborhood eatery where locals and visitors of Newburyport could come together to enjoy themselves. One year later, here we are still serving up every dish with pride and joy. From an amazing team of chefs, managers, bartenders and hosts, we are so grateful and pleased that you are dining with us and hope that your experience is nothing but incredible!!


Nick Peters Bond Executive Chef

Executive Chef, Nick Peters Bond has been at the helm of West Row Cafe & Bar’s kitchen since July of 2018, but has been part of the West Row family since its beginnings. With over 12 years of experience working in New England restaurants and having earned his degree in culinary arts and hospitality at the University of Southern New Hampshire, he has a deep understanding and appreciation of North Shore cuisine.

Combined with his natural creativity and extensive training, Peters Bond has the ability to transform classic recipes into delicious, unique, and revolutionary dishes. In addition to his vast experience, Nick competed on Hell’s Kitchen Season 14, where he placed 5th, and later returned to Hell’s Kitchen All Stars where he was a finalist, earning 3rd place. When describing what inspires him while in the kitchen, Peters Bond explains, “I have always used food as a creative outlet. I love pairing flavors to the point where at first the customer has to stop and think, but it actually gives new energy to a classic dish. If I can reinvent a traditional recipe using only local, fresh ingredients, which a lot of people forget about, it gives me a way to really show the best of a location’s cuisine. And that is what we have here.”